Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fake/ replica guitar blues

1.I am not bad mouthing anyone here or make any refferal to anyone. No. Since the title speak for it self.Fuhhh. Very tempting. ESP MX steel plated?KH mummy? Floral jem? Reversed headsstock YJM? Etc. The price is general knowledge for this category. But..

2.I am planning to order a 7 strings guitar and already have in mind someone which can help. Indonesian made but claimed original Ibanez parts. Dont ask me the genuity of that claims.

3.As time goes by, my wish list changed. Hm. 7 strings superstrat with big headstock, or Ibanez Jem 7 strings, or plain black LP Custom with sustainer. Sounds custom order but all not original produced here. So many nowadays love to play with replica, copy and fake terminology. I prefer something that convincing me enough. Thats all. Hey, I still cant afford the real deal, at least for the next 2 years.

4.There is also MIJ made for alternative, but hot items. MIM? am not sure I see many.

5.I am a member of several replica guitar groups in FB. Honestly not know. I should also make it clear here, I chatted with few and still 50 50.

6. Or simply just get aTokai LPC and upgrade? Or buy the Sham Kamikaze's Squier (x2)? Or the Hot Rail? Plus a 2 channels Randall amp. Or trade my abused  MIJ Ibanez RT for new one? Hah!

7.3 years without a new guitar already.


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