Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Semester II 2011/2012

1-Esok, Insya Allah, pendaftaran untuk pelajar Penyelidikan boleh dilakukan. Kebetulan tahu waktu pergi ke Pusat Siswazah, nasib baik betul.

2-Ini kerana sebelum ini saya fikirkan saya cuma akan mendaftar pada 5hb Mac nanti seiring dengan kawan kawan Master. Yang lalainya ialah saya terlupa pembahagian antara kerja kursus dan penyelidikan. Mujurlah tadi di kaunter Pusat Siswazah diletakkan maklumat berkenaan. Jadi saya mengambil keputusan untuk mendapatkan pengesahan maklumat berkaitan. OK.Esok mendaftar.

3-Komen saya mengenai semester pertama saya ialah progres yang lambat dan masih tak jelas jalan lagi. Risau.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

"I think my wife is cheating on me"

"I am a working musician and, as you would expect, travel a lot. I have been noticing strange things happening when I get home. Her mobile phone rings and she steps outside to answer it or she says "I'll call you back later." When I ask her who called she gets evasive."

"Sometimes she goes out with friends but comes home late, getting dropped off around the corner and walking the rest of the way. I once picked up the extension while she was on the phone and she got very angry."

"A buddy of mine plays guitar in a band. He wanted to borrow my guitar amp and told me that my wife and some guy have been to his gigs. "

"That's when I got the idea to find out for myself what was really happening.

"I said sure, you can use my amp but I want to hide behind it at the gig and see if she comes into the venue and who she comes in with."

 "He agreed."

"Saturday night came and I slipped behind my vintage Marshall JMP MKII 100W half stack to get a good view."

"I could feel the heat coming off the back of the amp."

"It was at that moment, crouching down behind the amp, that I noticed that one of the tubes was not glowing as bright as the other three.''

 "Is this something I can fix myself or do I need to take it to a technician?"

p/s-above did not happen here in Malaysia

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Muslim Contributions to the West

The Muslims played a principal role in the history of Spain. Their presence illuminated the Iberian Peninsula while the rest of Europe was engulfed in darkness. And so, Andalusia produced a great civilization far ahead and advanced than the rest of Europe.

Under their rule, Muslims made Spain a center for learning and knowledge. The Muslims were taught reading, writing, math, Arabic, Qur'an, and Hadith (Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH), and became leaders in math, science, medicine, astronomy, navigation, etc.

Al-Andalus became renowned for its prosperity as people who quested for knowledge journeyed from afar to learn in its universities under the feet of the Muslims. As a result, Andalus gave rise to a great many intellectual giants. Muslim Spain produced philosophers, physicians, scientists, judges, artists, and the like. Ibn Rushd, (Averroes) Ibn Sina, (Avicenna) Ibn Zuhr, (Avenzoar), Al-Kwarizmi, (Algorizm) and Al-Razi, (Razes) to name a few, were all Muslims educated in Andalus.

Martin Luther, the founder of Protestantism, was also educated in Andalusia. It is from the Andalusian philosophers, Ibn Rushd, and Ibn Sina that great renowned Christian men like St. Thomas Aquinas borrowed their philosophies. Both St. Thomas Aquinas and Dante called Ibn Rushd or "Averroes" the "The Commentator" and incorporated the views of Muslims. Through the works of Aristotle, Ibn Rushd reconciled reason with religion. However, Aquinas attempted to refute Ibn Rushd's ideas because they placed a great deal of emphasis on human reason over faith, which were a "threat" to Christian beliefs. 15 Interestingly enough, Thomas Aquinas described Arabs as "brutal men dwelling in the desert." Dante himself was familiar with Muslim figures. It is reported by countless historians, including William Phipps, in his book, Muhammad and Jesus: A Comparison of the Prophets and their Teachings, that the theme of Divine Comedy was inspired by the mi'raj or ascension of the Prophet (PBUH) into heaven from upon the rock which today sits below the dome of Masjid Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem.

Roger Bacon, another individual who refrained from describing Arabs and Muslims in kind words, consulted Ibn Sina's (Avicenna) work. Ibn Sina's work, Al-Qanun, (Canon) the widely studied medical work was used in European Universities for over 300 years, and formed half the medical curriculum.

In any case, the list of contributions from the Andalusian Muslims is endless.
The Islamic civilization had reached its peak in the 10th century, and by 1100, the number of Muslims rose to 5.6 million.

There existed in Cordoba alone, 200,000 houses, 600 mosques, 900 public baths, 10,000 lamps, 50 hospitals, lighted and paved streets. Muslims introduced public baths because of their need to to wash in preparation for prayer 5x a day. Libraries and research institutions grew rapidly in Muslim Spain, while the rest of Europe remained illiterate.
In Muslim Spain, knowledge from Greece and Rome was preserved. Arab scholars produced encyclopedias on medicine and astronomy in 11th century, also including astrology, psychology, zoology, biology, botany, chemistry, physics, mathematics, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, etc., which Christian scholars acquired and translated. Toledo thrived essentially because of its Muslim rule, and became the "cradle of learning," and the chief point of interaction between the Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Western scholars traveled to Spain and Sicily to learn Arabic and to make transcripts of texts in Latin. Muslims produced cotton, paper, salt, silk, satin, pepper, stamps, clocks, soaps, rulers, maps, globes, furs, velvets, described over 200 surgical instruments, and named over 200 stars with Arabic names.

So this Islamic civilization in Spain was the main threshold behind the European Renaissance. During the time the Muslims set foot in Spain in 711 until 1084 (a year before Toledo was taken) Muslim Spain had become an area unique to the entire world.
The Muslim artisans applied their remarkable skills to architecture in making mosques (masajid) and palaces. The Muslims mastered technique and design. The Alhambra Palace, and The Great Mosque of Cordoba, are just two of the famous magnificent architectural masterpieces of the Muslims which can still be seen today. Of the Alhambra, it is called, "a utopia, the brightest memory of a lost golden age of pleasure, poetry, tolerance, art, and learning." 

 One Muslim poet wrote:
"A sun dwells in this place and even its shadow is blessed. In this palace a multitude of pleasures capture the eye and suspend the intellect. Here a crystal world teaches marvels. Everywhere Beauty is carved, opulence is manifest."
The Islamic architecture in Spain is elaborate and decorative with intricate designs. Stone, and stucco, plaster for coating exterior walls, were widely favored. Later, brick replaced stone. 20 The "Mezquita" or The Great Mosque of Cordoba and the Alhambra of Granada are two Islamic monuments that utilize this design.

There are, however, not many examples of Islamic architecture remaining today in Spain because many were destroyed or converted from mosques to churches when Muslims were later exterminated (officially) in the year 1492 and beyond. The Alhambra is the only palace left nearly intact and preserved of all the Muslim masterpieces in Spain.
Narrated by Ibn Abbas (RA), the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: "Whoever creates a living image in this world (i.e, human, animal) will be charged with putting a soul in it which he will never be able to do."
Muslim artists were prohibited from making images of living things so that they could concentrate on the oneness of God. Paintings of inanimate objects, trees and flowers were permitted. Islamic ideology teaches that the making of images can lead to idolatry. It can also lead to praising of one's own work, which does away with humility and humbleness, important virtues stressed in Islam.

Inevitably, it leads to one's neglect of the remembrance of Allah, and one's neglect of the fact that it was Allah who gave the artist the talent from birth. It is also rivaling with Allah Himself who is the sole creator of the Universe and its inhabitants. Though many of Muslims therefore abstained from painting figures of people and animals, Islamic art was far from lacking beauty. Muslim scribes in Spain developed calligraphy into art form. Islamic art is known for its repetitious patterns, a constant reminder of the uniqueness of God. 22 Calligraphical, floral, arabesque, and geometric designs flourished in the Muslim world.

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p/s- what is our contribution? You, me and all of us? By playing guitar? or still not yet?

Sunday, February 19, 2012


1-Dahulu pada waktu Msc saya, pernah sekali laptop Dell XPS M1530 saya mengalami kerosakkan internal HDD yang menyebabkan kerja dan koleksi jurnal saya hilang begitu saja. Hampir saja saya mengalami masalah besar pada semester akhir Msc saya itu.

2-Belajar daripada pengalaman, semua kerja samada siap, separuh siap, tak siap siap dan belum ada idea lagi (cuma bentuk kasar) adalah elok disimpan dibanyak tempat-pendrive, external HDD, emel, simpanan Windows Live etc.

3-Tapi kalau tak sempat simpan? Teringat cerita ngeri seorang pelajar PhD yang kehilangan semua datanya kerana kerosakkan komputer.

4-Saya pernah juga nampak di blog seorang blogger serius yang menggunakan 2 laptop untuk bekerja. Nampaklah kekusutan kajian beliau menuju siap.

5-Saya bercuti sekarang. Esok naik semula bekerja. Oh ya, laptop saya mula crash di waktu ia start. Death screen samada biru, hitam, warna pelbagai adalah death screen. Rasanya desktop lebih sesuai pada masa depan.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Illuminati Maiden

 A one eyed totem of the infamous Eddie

 An eye watching (for the whole show)

 Illuminati meeting

 A Illuminati priest

 Don't see it? Look closer... there's an eye

A pyramid

''And the other band members are very powerful members too, Nicko is almost as powerful as madonna.''

"I have proof."

"Yes I do."

"Also they got rid of Paul because he didn't want to dominate the world, he just wanted to sing, so they sent him to Brazil where he could sing to metal-head audiences without becoming famous enough so his anti Illuminati rants would be taken as serious."

"Look up every other past member, they have disappeared from the biz, and nobody know a thing about them. Word on the internet is poor Blaze Bayley got sent to Guantanamo or one of those weird US prison boats just because he didn't want to have anything to do with sacramental orgies.''

''And don't forget you read it first from The Absolute Master Of The Ancient Art Of Bullsh*tting.''

Source- http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/backstage/182811-steve-harris-iron-maiden-highest-ranking-member-illuminati.html

p/s-rambles posting menanti waktu Maghrib

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rakan rakan luar

1-Pergaulan di universiti melibatkan pelbagai jenis lapisan masyarakat, kelas, beza budaya dan agama, pemikiran, bahasa, pangkat, minat dan banyak lagi yang terlintas.

2-Saya perhatikan ramai pelajar, kerana saya juga pelajar, antarabangsa yang membawa sekali gaya mereka ke sini (Malaysia).

3-Kawan kawan daripada Pakistan, Sudan, Nigeria, Libya, Lubnan dilihat banyak bergaul sesama mereka. Ada yang tidak mahir berbahasa Inggeris. Ada yang alim. Ada yang berpoya poya. Ada yang serius. Ada yang tersenyum sahaja. Alhamdulillah kebanyakkan yang saya jumpa baik baik.

4-Di USM dulu ada juga pelajar Caucasian. Dan golongan perempuan Caucasian memang mampu membuatkan pelajar pelajar lelaki lain menjadi baik (sebentar). Tergantung juga.

5-Ada juga yang diumpamakan terlepas kandang, saya terlupa negara datangnya, seorang pelajar yang namanya Islam tetapi bertatu ditengkuk. Melalui perbualan dengan rakan kepada rakan beliau, kegemaran berparti, minum arak dan mengaku ateis (!!) adalah tanda kebebasan mutlak, yang mana dinegara mereka ia ditegah. Agak tersinggung juga saya kerana mereka melakukan Malaysia sebagai tempat maksiat.

6-Satu masa pelajar diatas bergaduh dengan pensyarah, kerana datang lewat. Beliau berkelakuan kurang ajar dengan meninggalkan kuliah. Rasa-rasanya selepas itu ada yang mencari pelajar biadap tersebut.

7-Ada kawan kawan berbangsa Negro daripada Nigeria yang mempunyai sikap kekawanan yang tinggi, ikhlas dalam meluahkan perasaan dan gila gila (menghiburkan) dalam kelas. Ia mendatangkan dimensi baru kepada kami yang waktu itu baru siap berijazah muda. Maklumlah jarang kedapatan mereka mereka yang begitu di Malaysia.

8-Ada yang kalau waktu pembentangan lebih rela tidak datang ke kelas. Ada yang sekali diberi peluang membuat ulasan terlampau panjang pendapatnya. Ada juga yang tenang tenang saja. Ada juga yang mahu melancong saja. Ada juga yang mahu berfesyen.

9-Di UTHM, saya lihat ramai bangsa kulit hitam atau Arab. Tidak kedapatan Caucasian atau bangsa Asia yang lain. Indonesia mungkin ada. Paling seronok disini ialah makan nasi arab. RM5 atau RM7.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Police Academy

1-Waktu kecil kecil dulu, antara filem barat yang seronok ditonton ialah francais Police Academy. Saya tidaklah dapat menangkap apa yang dituturkan para pelakon, kesinambungan cerita ataupun mesej tersirat. Yang menjadi perhatian saya ialah keseronokkan kerana humor yang ditawarkan francais Police Academy ini, tambahan ditonton bersama sama keluarga tersayang. Memang antara waktu berkualiti.

 Foto bertandatangan Police Academy III

2-Sekarang dengan kemudahan internet (katakan tidak pada SOPA dan PIPA), saya mengambil kesempatan memuat turun francais Police Academy ini. Saya mula mengenal nama nama karekter yang berlakon didalamnya.

Cadet Carey Mahoney (Steve Guttenberg)
3-Kemudian saya dapati ada beberapa orang pelakon francais Police Academy ini yang telah meninggal dunia. Terima kasih kerana menghiburkan ramai orang diseluruh dunia.

 Cadet Moses Hightower (Mendiang Bubba Smith)

Cadet Eugene Tackleberry (Mendiang David Graf)

Lt. Thaddeus Harris (G.W Bailey)

3-Saya telah memuat turun sehingga siri ke 3, dan rasanya ada 4 lagi siri yang menanti dimuat turun. Sumbernya ada terselit didunia internet.

  Cadet Laverne Hooks (Marion Ramsey)

 Cadet Larvell Jones

  Cadet Douglas Fackler (Bruce Mahler)

 Sgt. Debbie Callahan (Leslie Easterbrook )

4-Saya pernah juga mahu menyertai unit Polis kerana pengaruh filem-filem Police Academy ini hinggalah saya menonton Predator yang pertama, saya nak jadi komando pula kemudian. Hinggalah saya menonton Metallica S&M baru saya jumpa apa yang saya mahu- gitar gitar gitar.


1-Dulu waktu saya bersekolah tadika pada awal 90 an, saya perhatikan memang berlaku terang terangan pengasingan dan layanan berbeza mengikut tahap favoritism cikgu. Kriteria favoritism itu adalah kecerdasan murid murid. Dan sebagai klise saya adalah yang melawan hukum begitu. Sekaligus mengikut hukum tidak bertulis, saya dicop- lembap.

2-Kerana lebih ramai yang mengikut sistem (yang dibentuk manusia) berbanding menggunakan pemikiran ke arah luar kotak (waktu itu rasanya tidak ada yang berfikir diluar kotak....), saya dan kawan kawan yang lembap dikumpulkan dalam kelas yang tercorot di permulaan sekolah rendah.

3-Persetan itu semua, ada kawan kawan sekelas saya yang sekarang menjadi jurutera, doktor, sambung belajar dan pelbagai lagi.

4-Jadi egonya disini ialah God is great!!!!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pembentangan dan perasaan


Latest information (3/2/2012)

There is some changes (time and venue) in timetable (as shown by red color) especially on 8/2/2010.
Presentation time is changed to evening due to all staffs need to attend "Amanat Tahun Baru Naib Canselor"
at DTII from 9 am to 1 pm. Meanwhile, the presentation venue is changed to tutorial room which is located at level 1 of faculty.

All students also COMPULSORY to email the progress or proposal report to panels. please refer to staff directory for email address.

Thank you.

This message has been scanned for viruses and
dangerous content by MailScanner, and is
believed to be clean.

1-Perasaan mereka yang akan membentangkan. Saya tidak tersenarai kerana masih sibuk bertukang menyiapkan proposal (1 semester khas untuk pemilihan tajuk atau pengkajian 1 isu/masalah) selain sibuk pening kepala kerana sebab sebab tertentu yang tidak memberi nilai pada proposal tapi diperlukan.

2-2 senior saya dijadualkan membuat pembentangan pada 8hb ini, selamat berjaya pada mereka. Terasa saya nak cabut ke Australia pula (mengelakkan VIVA atau pembentangan). Haha........Aduhhhh. Menjadi doktor (falsafah) atau bertemu doktor (ubat).

3-Selamat menyambut Maulidurasul. Selawat dan salam pada Baginda saw. Rindu kasih pada Baginda. Cintanya Baginda pada kita umpama saudara sendiri.


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