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Moore's gear profile and Q&A

Gary Moore

Gibson Les Paul Standard 1959 ( Ex Peter Green )
Charvel Strat style
Fender Stratocaster guitar 1960/
Takemine 12 & 6 string Elec/Acoustic guitars
Boss OD1 Distortion

Roland SDE300 Delay
Roland SRE555 Tape Echo/Reverb

Roland Dimension D Chorus
3 x Marshall 1959 Super Lead amp's

1 x Marshall 1992 Super Bass amp

2 x Marshall 1987 Super lead amp's

2 x Marshall 1960B Cabinets

This used to be up on the Gary Moore site, but has gone so I retrieved a cached version so its not lost to posterity Very Happy

Q. What gear did Gary use on the album track "Still got the Blues" 1990 ? submitted by various people to the site.

A Gibson Les Paul Standard ( circa 1959), a Marshall Guv'nor pedal, a Marshall JTM45 Re-issue amp, and a Marshall 1960B 4 x12" cabinet loaded with Electrovoice 12M speakers instead of the usual Celestions.

Of all the various tones that have been heard on Gary's records, the sounds on the "Still Got The Blues" album are the most asked about by fans on a regular basis. During 1989 the JTM Reissue series was in the final stages of development, and Gary received an early production model [#RI 001 1X] at the start of the initial recordings that would become the "Still Got The Blues" album.

Used in conjunction with a 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, a Marshall Guv'nor pedal, and a Marshall 1960B 4x12" cab loaded with Electrovoice 12" speakers, it became the featured tone of the album, heard on nearly all the tracks including the title track.

Gary: "One of the guys from Metallica goes up to [producer] Bob Rock and says, 'This is the sound I want,' and plays him 'Oh Pretty Woman' from "Still Got The Blues". Then they proceed to go through all these pre-amps and processors to achieve it.

I felt I should write and say, 'That's not how to do it. You've got the money now guys, go out and buy a '59 Les Paul, a Guv'nor pedal and a JTM45!"

Q. What strings does Gary use? Submitted by Ken Howe.

Dean Markley LTHB Envrio Electric set, gauges are 10, 13, 17, 30w, 42w, 52w.

Q. And Picks ?? Submitted by Ken Howe.

Extra Heavy ( 1.14 mm ) celluloid shell pick regular 351 shape

Q. Garys tone on Still Got The Blues and After Hours is quite good. I have been playing a Les Paul for 15 years now. Does he replace the pickups with active pickups (i.e. Duncans or Diarzio, etc) ? Submitted by Edmund Miley.

Regarding the pickups in Gary's Les Paul guitars. Both of the 1959 Les Paul Standards are fitted with original P.A.F. Gibson humbucking pick up's.


Q. I was surpassed that there was no mention of the Soldano's he used on various tours. Is he still using them? Do you know which distortion pedal he uses with them? Submitted by Miki Novak

The Soldano amps have not been used since 1993, as various new models Marshall amps have taken over as Gary's main amps. Recently the DSL 100 Marshall amp has been used exclusively on the last two tours and in the recording of the current album.

The distortion pedals used with the Soldano's from time to time were as follows:

Marshall Gv'nor Pedal ( Mk 1), Ibanez TS10 Tubescreamer Pedal, Gary tended to only use the "clean" channel on the SLO100 with the crunch switch in, rather than switch channels on the amp. Any further 'crunch/boost/distortion" would be added by one of the above pedals.

Q. What gear was used on the outro solo on the track Surrender off the new album? Submitted by Pete Martin

Gibson Les Paul Standard circa 1959, Marshall DSL100 Amplifier, Marshall 1960BX 4 x 12" cabinet with Celestion G12 75T speakers, Amp Settings: Clean Channel, Presence 1, Treble 8, Middle 8.5, Bass 5.3, Gain 5, Volume 8.2, crunch switch in, Deep switch in.

Q. What tubes where in his amp, (JTM 45 Reissue) 6l6, 5881, kt66. Is it just like the production models they made then ? Submitted by Jim Convry

The two reissue JTM45 amplifiers owned by Gary are both stock models straight from the factory, with no modifications, Tubes are 5881's.

Q. I want to know which Amp's and Effects you are used between the Wild Frontiers Tour in April 1987? Submitted by Andy Scholle

After a bit of research this is a list of some of the equipment used on the Wild Frontiertour: Ibanez TS9 & TS10 Tubescremers Ibanez PC10 Prime Dual Chorus Pedal Roland SDE300 Delay Roland SRE555 Tape Echo/Reverb 3 x Marshall 1959 Super Lead amp's 1 x Marshall 1992 Super Bass amp 2 x Marshall 1987 Super lead amp's 4 x Marshall 1960B Cabinets

Q. On the Dark Days In Paradise Tour, You played a black Fender Stratocaster with a Floyd Rose Vibratosystem. Is it a custom made guitar, or is it a Fender Floyd Rose Classic Strat as featured in the Fender Magazine? Submitted by Jesper Rodkjær Pedersen

Yes it's Fender Floyd Rose Classic Stratocaster, stock from the factory.

Q. What kind of equipment is gary using in the concert on video in which he plays with BB King? I am speciale interested in the the thing which was on top of his Soldano amp, is it a multi effect FX box?? Submitted by Maurice Dizy

FX & amp's used on the Blues Alive video 2 x Gibson Les Paul Standard circa 1959Fritz Bros Blues master deluxe Telecaster style guitar with EMG pickup'sMarshall Guvnor (Mark I ) Ibanez TS10 Tubescreamer Ibanez PC10 Prime Dual Chorus Ibanez Delay III Soldano SLO100 with Marshall 1960 B 4 x 12" cab fitted with EV 12" speakers ( Off stage amp ) Soldano HR50 with Marshall 1960 B 4 x 12" cab fitted with EV 12" speakers (On stage amp ) 1 x Marshall 1962 Bluesbreaker Reissue 2 x 12" combo 2 x Alesis Quadraverb across S/R Sockets on each amp The Soldano SLO100 was only used with the clean channel and not switched at any time.

Q. Great gig at London on 23/10/99. The 335 sounded brilliant. Were the Marshall dual superleads used all the time or in combination with the Fender equipment which I did not recognise? Submitted by Clive Wisbey.

One DSL100 was used for most of the set, the other is a spare, and one Fender Showman circa 1969/70 was used on the numbers requiring a bigger reverb, "Need your love so bad" for example. Gary switches between either amp depending on the song to be played.

Q. Can you tell me which guitars Gary used on his Back to the blues album.Submitted by Mike Snook

Guitars used on the sessions for BTTB are as follows: Gibson ES 355 1960, Gibson Les Paul Standard 1959 ( ex Peter Green), Fender Stratocaster 1960/1, Fernandes Sustainer LP 1990.

Can you tell me if Gary still uses the Marshall Guv'nor (mark 1). On the FX page it's not mentioned and since it was a big part of his sound (especially on his most succesfull selling album/and song). If so/or even if not, do you know the kind of setting he used. Krystof.

These are the Guv'nor MK1 settings: Gain at 2 o'clock, Bass at 2 o'clock, Full Mid, Treble at 4 o'clock, Level at 1 o'clock

When Gary uses an overdrive pedal (Guvnor, tube screamer, whatever...), does he do so on a clean channel or does he load the effect onto an already overdriven channel on his tube amp? Wayne

Currently any overdrive pedal is used on the "clean" channel of the DSL100/50 as the second channel on the DSL's has plenty of it's own gain.

Did Gary use a Marshall SLX head at any point when he was with Thin Lizzy ??

The SLX was first introduced in the early 1990's, so Gary would not have used one when in Thin Lizzy.

Most of the amps used in Thin Lizzy at that time were either 1959, 1987, 2203 & 2204 model Marshall amps.

Mighty Mike,you must be referring to Parisiene Walkways,written by Phil Lynott.

Some say this is derivative of Santos and Johnny's Sleepwalk,but they are just in similar keys.

Gary Moore has always been the man and he has influenced my playing and technical approach to equipment,moore than anyone else.

I have a wealth of eighties guitar mags and people have been mentioning a lot lately how Gary's earlier 'rock' tone was one of the best Marshall sounds they have ever heard,I whole heartedly agree, Gary being my main influence,post Jimi,Beck,Trower QMS,Spirit,ect.

Here is an excerpt from the October 1984 issue of Guitar Player,where he describes his setups,I must comment that Gary was/is highly equipment orientated and this heavily influenced me to be like him,plus being in electronics,my career,it all made sense.

What equipment did you take on your latest tour?

Fender Stratocasters and Marshall amplifiers-either two or three amps and one bottom with each.I never use them in stacks.I think you get moore balls by using one cabinet because it drives the speakers harder.It's a moore contained sound.I find that having the cabinets on top of each other behind me makes it very hard to hear anything else,because you're just getting blasted all the time from behind.It's also very difficult to get any kind of definition on the voice with guitars roaring down the vocal mikes.

Do you send a guitar feed through the monitors so that you can hear better?

No.The only thing that goes through the monitors on stage os vocals and drums.I do have a pretty elaborate monitoring system that comes through my spare Marshall cabinets.I've got four stacks behind me,but the top cabinets have bass,keyboards and Neil Carter's guitar.Then I've got three volume pedals on the floor in front of me so that I can balance them out as I'm playing,without having to yell at the monitor guy.I've had too many years of doing that

Are your Strats stock?

Yeah,they're all stock.They're stupid guitars.One of them is a real old one-like a '61.I guess it's pink.It's my main one that was stolen before I went on tour,and it was later returned.I think one of the British customs people must have stolen it.It went on the Interpol computer,and then the FBI over here was after it,and suddenly it reappeared in Houston.The guy must have gotten cold feet,and put it on a plane to somewhere he knew I'd get it.In the meantime I bought this white one,which is a brand new version of a '62,with a rosewood fingerboard.It's also stock.I just got to like it,so I've been using it for most of the shows.

How many springs do you leave in the tremelo?

Three.I had the frets done,too.Fender frets are very sharp,and so I had fatter ones like on Les Pauls put in -Jim Dunlops.

Do you take along any other guitars when you go out on the road?

I have afew others with me.I use Ibanez guitars sometimes:I have an endorsement deal with them.They've been modifying their guitars slowly but surely moore to my liking.I really like the latest one they sent me:it's kind of a Strat-type body with two humbuckers and a tremelo system.It's a Roadstar RS 1000.It's hard to keep track of the models because they keep sending me different ones.But they're good guitars.

Do you use any effects onstage?

I use a Roland SRE-555 Chorus/Echo and a Roland SDE-3000 Digital Delay,which has a programmable memory.(Yngwie308 note:Gary continued to use this Roland rig through 1987 and the Wild Frontier tour.)

It's great for me onstage because I can preprogram all my flanging and chorousing parameters,so I can have them exactly the way I want them.It's great because I only need two switches for recalling presets and turning it on and off.You can bend the pitch of the echo with this other pedal if you want,and you can lengthen or shorten the echo the same way.

It's very easy to work with on stage.So all my sounds are stored in those two units.The echo you hear from me all the time is kind of a medium-length repeat from the 555,which I use a lot.It's on almost all the time-especially on the solos.But when I'm playing through a fast rhythm part or something,I leave it off because it turns into a mess otherwise.

Do use the chorus section of the SRE-555?

No,just the programmable one.I don't like the sound of the one in the 555 very much,so I just modified the chorus preset on the other unit ,and gave it moore depth and a bit moore range.It suits me better.It's a slow chorus-a bit moore subtle.In general,I don't like how the choruses mess with the pitch.That's why I like the Roland DimensionD,for example.It gives you constant pitch,but it also gives you the chorus at the same time.

(note:The Roland Dimension D was a fairly expensive rack mounted device.Later on a pedal version,the Boss Dimension C became available,I have only seen ones made in Japan,for sale from Japan on Ebay,in the $200 range.It has like four or five positions with an led for each range,the effect becomes moore pronounced as you increase accross the switches,most users like the minimal position,and I hear that it is dead quiet and definitely analog in it's warm tone.WOT swears by his 'C' and says it is the secret to his GM sound.Anyone have one for sale? Smile The other chorus sound I have stored in the SDE-3000 is faster,like a Leslie type chorus,kind of a flanger effect.I use that on "Empty Rooms" for the arpeggio rhythm part.

Are fuzztones included in your setup?

I use a Boss Distortion(DS-1) on the Stratocaster.I found it's a really good unit for my particular guitar because it complements the sound.Having gone through just about all the other distortion units available,this is the one that dosen't make your guitar sound thin.It dosen't take away the natural sound.It justgives the Strat a real kick up the ass. In fact,I have it on most of the time.I don't use it on the Les Paul,though.I go straight into the (mixing) desk.I don't use my rack of effects in the studio that much.I record with the guitar and amp,and add the effects afterwards,which gives me a little moore flexability.You don't want to be stuck with an effect,and I figure you can get much better quality by using the studio's effects;obviously they've got ultra high-quality stuff and I haven't.Get a good signal to the tape,and anything you do woth it later is going to sound much better.

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