Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What does it feel to have a Master degree?

1-1st I should state it here that this is not a brag whatever. This is from my perspective. Who in here believe in the freedom of speech?The real freedom of speech. Dont let me start on the Govt's policy on this principle.

2-Its feel good, a bit secure, but foremost its like having an official/ authorise license to kill. Joke. Official/ authorise license to rest assured that I don't f*cked up too much. Hmm a lil sense of bragging here. Sorry.

3-Its still, at best, doesn't secure everything especially unpredictable future of mine. Just make me feel a bit confidence, especially to face my family, friends, etc. Cos I f*ucked up at MCE (2003). Thanks Allah for give me a chance,much chances to be precise, mind you. Alhamdulillah. After this, hopefully, a doctoral for me. Hmmm(deep breath).......

p/s-if anyone found that this posting is kind of offensive, just shut your browser, or better shutdown your PC. Thanks. Joke. I love to make one, or two.

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