Friday, May 27, 2011

White Explorer (no pickguard) with Floyd Rose bridge?

The color is perfect. Body shape is perfect(I love explorer shaped) and ebony board(!!!!). Passive pups can be changed later to active ones. Blackout AHB II should chugging the world. But floating (floyd rose, kahler etc) bridge?

Floyd rose bridge

I remembered what Malmsteen used to say bout a floating bridge guitar that kill the sustain. That's maybe true, basically. Since that I believe to increase the short singing notes on the fretboard, we have to invest more on gadgets. True eh? Still wonder how Gary Moore used to have that high screaming sustains on Parisienne Walkway.

Ebony fretboard(always associated with high end guitar, the common one on mass produced guitars is rosewood)

Gibson, please change it back to stop tailpiece tune o matic bridge then I might consider one in the future (preserved the color and non pickguard too!!).

Always love the hockey stick/banana headstock+kidney tuner (plus you can whacked people with it in any dangerous event)

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