Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why I hate Dell?

1-Hi. Its been a time since I wrote anything regards to the customer's perspective/complaint etc.

2-If you asked me what company or companies I do hates the most? Easy;- DELL. This company is famous for their PC/ Laptop, computer related etc. And they sucks big time.

3-If you Google bout Dell, I believed majority of the stories will conclude/juiced/summarized this- DELL SUCK!!!

4-Yes, I did a mistake before for purchasing a Dell laptop- XPS M1530. At first I love it very much that I give a sweet mouth to everyone bout how good that laptop is, but then it backfired me- in a costly way.

5-But what make me chose Dell at the first place? I got another Dell laptop from my Dad. Latitude C640 and it's a great laptop excluded- dead batteries, lousy in house VCD writer/reader, no spare part for the touch pad(now I got to use external mouse), and it come with Windows XP (famous with viruses, trojan, etc/and no more XP support after this from Microsoft). But I loved that C640. Its built as tough as a WWII tanks. But that's the only positive thing bout Dell. Other still sucks.

6- The point I made this posting is because someone approached me through email asking bout the case of my XPS M1530 and offering some kind of help. Hey, thanks man!!

7-But I already wanted to forget this, all the problems is enough. But I still wanted to keep continuing to spread this- STOP BUYING DELL. I did. How bout you?

p/s- sorry for the 's' word, but Dell always 's'.

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