Monday, May 2, 2011


1-It's been a trend since the explosive brought by the Internet. The adaptation of western civilization in the whole world, including Malaysia.

2-I bet 10 or 20 years ago, Malaysian don't know enough bout 'orbs'. But today, every circle round white or grey things that appeared on photos will considered to be 'orbs'. Frankly- ghosts.

3-Honestly I don't think it's too gore looking compared to the traditional rendering of ghosts especially in Malay culture.

4-I mean if you, in live situation, met Pontianak then you will understand, tho I never met 'her' face to face, just hearing it once back in 2006.

5-Tho 'orbs' frequently only appeared in photos, till this day I still cant accept this new trend. Simplified as 'orbs'= new way to address ghosts. But not for me.

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