Sunday, June 5, 2011

Les Paul Studio

Gibson Les Paul Studio

I am not a fan of Studio model. For me Les Paul should be Standard or Custom model. There are several more models, but these 3 are the most well known, at least from my perspective.

But currently, I see a different image/patterns of Studio model, some just got no more plain top with dead finished, but a flame top or sunburst instead. Wowww.

But I still skeptical. No binding (body and neck) and no pearloid/block inlay is like a girl with no hair and.........

Buckethead Studio model

But in business perspective, Studio model is a must product for good sales. We know from the first glimpse, the Studio model is for road worth/abused (hence it's simplicity). Okay. Fine.

Enough with the rants.

Baritone studio model

p/s- I hate dry looking fretboard.

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