Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Red Rocker's signature (Gibson) EXPLORER

Sammy Hagar. Not much I know which band he joined or founded, at least just Van Halen, which everyone familiar with. I can't stop loving you is my favorite song in Hagar's era. Its a high pitch song, you think it's easy to sing that, even in karaoke session?

Chickenfoot(Hagar,Satriani,Michael Anthony and Chad Smith)? What can I say is it's good to jam with other fellow musician.

Lets talk guitar.

First the signature Les Paul and now Explorer.Not much for me to comment. Red color for me is highly associated with speed- Ferrari, YZF R1. I prefer other finishes.

Pickguard?No. But still a cool guitar I believe.

p/s-a week delay for PHD application.

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