Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just rambling

 'Hmm....Those guys seems familiar eh?' (random pic of Danny Trejo)

'No. We're not. And buzz off Pop' (From Dusk Till Dawn movie)

 'But you sure as hell know me huh Punk?' (From Dusk Till Down movie)

 'The hell did you said to me and my bro? (From Dusk Till Down movie)

 'Guess we need to settle as a man, no?' (Machete movie)

 'All right Pop, you win (but we'll sure meet again)'

'Good boys.Once you finished with whatever you're doing, clean this chopper for me'

 'What? Repeat it again. Please.'

'You sure don't have a sympathy for an old guy with kids...Do you?'

'Uhuh...Don't get me wrong. I'm sure goin to help. By helping taking care those toddlers for you. Epic eh?'

 'But you're still goin to shoot me...Do you?'

 'I guess you're taking joke too seriously, huh? (from Batman and Robin movie)'

 'That's more like it'


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