Monday, July 23, 2012

Met a Brother

1-So this morning I accompanied my dad to Klinik Kesihatan Pontian. Straight to the dental clinic. Since it is still early, still not 8 am yet, so we waited patiently. We can hear the staff greeting-selamat berpuasa etc. Yes. Happy Ramadhan Al Mubarak to everyone.

2-As time is approaching and my dad's turn came, twice, a brother with his daughter sit next to me. With long beard and white jubah with serban, the brother greeting me first.

3-We had a conversation. Not too long but the content of our talk Insya Allah benefited for our guidance. Especially for me, still jahil.

4-The brother share his story like that he was the 2nd batch graduated from UTM. We also talk about the late Syed Ahmed Deedat used to come to UTM back in the early 90s. I cant recalled much since I am trying to listen to his word. We're using English, and I admit that my English is just so so. So I just listened and nod whenever needed.

5-One story he told me bout his 'guru dakwah'. The point is how we react when someone insulted us, intentionally or not. One day a man said something harsh to the guru dakwah. Wisely the guru just replied- 'Alhamdulillah, thank you so much for reminding me'. Just as simple as that.

6-We also go to talk politic a bit. And the brother refused to call name but expressed his concerned with what happened to the muslimin here now. We got divided just because different ideas of politic. Calling a brother-kaffir, is a big statement. The one they accused kaffir also perform 5 times a day solah, doing Haj, paid zakat etc. What is the differences that entitled the other one kaffir? Nonsense.

7-As we keep talking, I  was 90% just listen, the time tick and needed to excuse myself. May Allah SWT blessed us all.

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