Sunday, December 30, 2012

Article of research proposal

The research proposal
Lyn Daff
Avondale College, Cooranbong, Australia


Purpose– The purpose is to reflect on writing a PhD proposal.

Design/methodology/approach– The paper is a poem based on the author’s experience.

Findings– This is meditation on how the topic, theory and method for a research project all need to
be fine-tuned, so they are in balance.

Research limitations/implications– The paper stimulates thought about what drives a research
project, and that various adaptations are required, so the topic theory, and method are woven together
in harmony.

Originality/value– The paper provides an insight into the preparation of a research proposal, and
highlights that it is not a linear process, driven only by the topic.

Keywords-Research, Information theory, Research methods, Degrees

Paper type-Viewpoint

The research proposal

You pick your topic and you think it’s set
Then there’s the supervisor who needs to be met
Afterwards it seems the topic wasn’t clear
You ask yourself, was it really so dear?
A PhD’s a long journey that must be taken
Adjust so your passion’s not totally forsaken
Why choose the very difficult path to go?
A little adaptation and it won’t be so slow
But getting the topic is only the beginning
Without theory and method, you ain’t singing
Finding a theory, how do you pick which one?
You’ve been working for months but just begun
The method needs to fit the question that you ask
Balancing this with theory is really quite a task
You read and read and read some more
Getting these issues settled is a bit of a chore
Working hard here is effort you should spend
It will pay off when your proposal you defend

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