Monday, March 14, 2011


Review-I use it after laptop formatted and quite satisfied. Already recover for me a few videos of more than 300mb size. Tho its all depend on your system. The best part is it can trace back a files that even I forgot I used to have it back in 2006. My Ramones greatest hits!!

Some files are unrecoverable, poor and recoverable. If it said unrecoverable, don't just accept it. Just transfer it to other partition/disk. The only drawback was when after I recovered a few videos, the codec seems cannot be read.

I installed few video software but to no avail. And some mp3/mp4 that got recover usually will be separated automatically, say an original size is 2 mb, when you recover it, it may just came out like this; 0021(200b), 0022(200b),0023(100b),0024(50b) etc that means its got divided to few. Don't know what caused it. Maybe thats my problem.

However its free. That's the best.

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