Wednesday, March 9, 2011


1-A guitar instrumental song by (Samad Lefthanded Feat Paul Gilbert) not that original traditional folk song. But a fact is a fact. That's the root of that particular instrumental.

2-Wonder why I cant play it correctly, in term of feel and sound wise?Is it got to do with lack of scale exercise or the guitar itself?

3-3 guitars and nothing to compare with the original sound. Wonder whether it got to do with the scale length?or gauge?or me myself?Naaahhhhhhh......ignorant

4-Setup issue here I guess. Now where were all the tools in the house.......Sigh

p/s-Santa got 1st string broken. Lak Hak (a shop) to go. Al Fatihah to Abd Samad bin Mian (Samad Lefthanded).

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