Tuesday, March 29, 2011


1-Few minutes ago as I am writing this post, I said to someone (always) special-'You are the most beautiful girl..' and wish her good nite.

2-I felt weird and embarrassed when I said that. I repeated it since she claimed the line wasn't clear. Tho I did it said that before, maybe 10+ months or few years ago when everything considered a sweet moments. But not this time. I mean both of us got a problem which each other.

3-Maybe my feeling already changed now. But what the heck made me said that? Hopefully for something good. I don't want to trap in any feeling dispute anymore since it just deliver me to some dark place within me. If its good then fine, if not then also fine. Be what it has to be. I always wanted to hold with my faith on Allah SWT-He The Almighty will never leave me alone, always.

4-This post might spark something, I don't know. It depend on....whatever.

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