Sunday, March 20, 2011


1-Update blog or blog update. Hmm Manglish. Last time I used it was back in 2001, Mr Joseph, my English tuition teacher, said that. Now a bit improved laa.

2-Layan/ having fun watching PCK PTE LTD dan PCK SDN BHD via Youtube download. The best in Singapore, JB some say Batam. PCK is legend. Now I know the that Piere Png was not the original Beng Beng, and made me remembered the Gurmit's World, its been an aged since I watched it when I was still in SKBP, thats my primary school back in 1993-1998. Mind you.

3-Actually the SDN BHD version is pretty plain, love the PTE LTD more. Maybe because I prefer to have all the old characters in PCK, then it will be the real PCK. No offense on the Malaysian actor and actresses. They are good but I prefer the old series. Malaysia boleh right?Eh. You asked the SND BHD was aired in 2009, its already 2011 why just now I give it a review/etc? Haishhh(this is a habit I copy from my former love, a Chinese girl), its becos I just watch it now. Before I was in USM, so you know la now.

4-Still got several episodes to watch, my bandwidth already exceed the 5gb limit. Thanks to Celcom Broadband, good or bad publicity is a publicity, I also give it(publicity) free what.... Above then?

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