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2003- FLY+ Pontianak

Actually this is not my experience, but this been told by a friend back in 2003 when we were going to sit for SPM (Malaysian Certificate Exam). We stayed in the school hostel back then.

Our school actually was a vocational based institution before changed to technical base, hence the name Sekolah Menengah Teknik Batu. The school was built in the 70s.

It is a secondary school and SPM is a must sit exam to secure a place in university or polytechnic then.

Our hostel was divided to 2 parts, one for male and one for the opposite sex. Each got several building and each building got 2 levels and each level got 3 dorms.

The school and hostel area got separated bout 300 to 400 meters, in the middle was a durian and other fruits orchard. At night, you sure don’t want to walk alone in our school/hostel area. I and several of my other friends used to circling the school area at night looking for ghost, but that is another story.

We used to stay overnight in the middle of our dormitory to chat and ghost stories always taking place. So this is one of them. Sorry for my English BTW.

This friend and a bunch of his dorm mates illegally walk out from the school/hostel area one night to go and have fun in the nearby town. We call that act ‘FLY’.I'm not sure if the female students also conduct this 'FLY' thing, but for us the boys- it's in our DNA.

If you got caught, the chief warden will have to call your parents on the spot and worst thing sure happened later once your family got involved. We might get dispelled from hostel and that sure is a bad thing to happened if your house was hundreds kilometers away.

But even this is too risky, for us it’s just a matter of adventure.


The story happened when they walk in back to hostel at midnight after their ‘fly’ activities.

Of course to avoid been captured by the wardens or security guards, they have to be extra careful. For that they have to walk in the dark bush nearby the hostel that got several old trees. Big ones.

Our hostel was situated in a hill, so there are steps been build, about 150 meters including pedestrian walk with roof. They can’t easily walk all the way in that facility or the wardens or guards can easily see them.

When they have passed half of the facility, a car came by in the nearby road, so they have to lie down on the ground for cover.

Remember, they are now in the dark bush.

In the same time, all of them suddenly heard something was jumping from tree to tree and getting closed to them.

One of them looked up followed by the others and they saw a white object in a tree branch above them. The white object then stopped and staring those boys........


‘What is it?’ I asked that friend.

‘Pontianak’ he answered slowly. I just nod since I knew that area was surrounded by some mysterious aura even at daylight.

‘We just kept silent and slowly walked out there’ he added more then.

‘What was it look like?’

‘Can’t be so sure, but do you think any men can climbed such high trees and jumping branch to branch in the darkness? It just appeared clearly for us in a white cloth, you know how ‘kain kafan’ (white shroud wrapped on the dead people) look like right? That’s it.’ he explained.

In our custom, Pontianak is an ugly female ghost wearing white shroud. Her famous appearance will be with such long and roughly hair, long fingernails and long canine. Sometimes with a baby that later will turn to tomb stone.

Luckily that friend and his buddies did manage to get back in the hostel, but it is sure a frightening experienced for them.

Wanted to avoid wardens or guards, but got caught by Pontianak. Which one do you prefer?

p/s- originally I wanted to post this in a international paranormal site. Maybe later once I re-check the grammar(again).

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