Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Guitar tips

1-It's been a time since I post anything regarding my ultimate interest- Guitar.

2-For shredder, the ability to blaze billion trillion notes in a nano second is a maharajah's level of dream. In my time, the best tip I got to handle this craziness is by practising upstroke and downstroke picking.

3-In the past years as my skill are getting more better technically, my aim is not how many notes you can play in a split second, but how do you put the notes. How do you feel the notes. Where should it go- melodic or just skipping from string to string from end to end of the fretboard?

4-Just to make it easy- pick the notes carefully clearly one by one and I mean it. Try to get clear crystal water of sound when you're picking and touched each string with caution.

5-Built your confidence by start it slowly, then fasten up the tempo till the the limit of your fingers can dance.

6-Other tip I can suggest is also strengthen your hand muscle. Actually this is just an introduction only. Till.....

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