Sunday, May 22, 2011

Can men and women be friends?

Sunday morning, as usual for my weekend routine; - got myself a copy of NST newspaper. My favorite is CBT, not sure what you call it in English- sisipan. Hmmm.

Then to the cartoon section, then to the Viewpoints- a reader’s letter makes me thing- Can men and women be friends? Why not give a try?

I don’t like the proposed idea by that particular reader. My explanations below.

He asked if you are a husband, would it be okay for your wife to go out with male friends, such a s her former classmates or officemates? Or if you are someone’s wife, the same situation above.


For my answer, I will give my no no- if my wife is not accompanied with her mahram (someone that’s like your blood brother/sister/mother/father/relatives/in law (or by wedlock)) and yes if I am with her for the meeting.

But how about if I, myself is going to meet my former female classmates or officemates then?

Simple, I invited them to my place.

We can have lunch/dinner/ whatever and in the same time maintains what we need to maintain.

You know there are several rules abide within the relation of men and women. Especially the Muslim, plus the lack of religious awareness nowadays in our country (free sex, prostitution etc). I am not going to say that I am a Saint, but you get the idea.

Plus I don’t wanted my wife (ahem…to be) to get jealous. Women are easily driven by jealousy and I hate the chain reaction after that.

I love her though I never know whom I am going to spend my entire life with.

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