Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mere men

1-I always have a thought before, that I can control my life. My destiny lie to where I wanted it to be. In a way.

2-Nonsense. That is the stupidest thing to think. Fortunately any unfortunate does not occur all the times. Good thing.

3-I have to admit, I am a sinner. For now, I still do not know what am I supposed to do. Ego maniac just bring me to nowhere.

4-The war inside me. Repent and regret. I am less than what I think I am.

p/s- to the black kitten who once reside the back kitchen for a few months, which I considered 'noisiest lil cat' , I am so sorry.

Lay and rest dear. Keep 'Kuning' company for me will ya?I love you guys.

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