Thursday, June 2, 2011


1-Currently when I just start to browse the net, say I opened Google Image, suddenly Celcom get handy by bypassing the Google Image to their Celcom Online Customer website. If I try to delete it and restart the Google Image again, the Celcom website will reopened again. Again and again.

2-At last I try to login to the Celcom site since they really try hard, enter the I/D and password and wait for minutes, then the result said I entered the wrong ones. Sigh. Whatever.

3-I know that Celcom wanted to make the business easier (online bill notification etc), but I found out that it just useless. It's really intimidating.

4-If I want to view my bill, I know where to go. Yes, I rarely view their website but I know the amount I have to pay every month. RM98.00. If I want to list all the problems Celcom bring to the table I can be really busy now.

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