Thursday, June 9, 2011

When I was in the lowest time of my life

1-Life is some part of messy and some part of fruit, together they create, the meaning of life. Live it.

2-How do you make it doesn't matter but how do you end it does matter.

3-To be hate is cake but to be love and full ain't going to dream it easily.

4-Work hard sure, but sharpie bleed all dry. Choose your ride cautiously.

5-The best friend is yourself, treat self with respect, be rich. Enjoy life.

6-Be different.

7-Get a good girl, not just by look, but brain and loyalty, then the world is nothing more to offer.

8-Be square only when needed, cause if you ain't someone will. Slicker eh?

9-Time is important, but how do you use it?

10-A good something is nothing compared to good faith in God.

11-Family does matter.

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