Monday, October 31, 2011


1-No. Your holiday is only when you already got your (doctoral) degree (said a Professor somewhere in Pakistan).

2-Surprisingly I do not feel anything while the other keep mentioning the Raya Haji holidays and celebration. Raya? Good.

3-Now what is inside my mind is- proposal, title, correction, source, Lean Construction, Sustainable Development/Construction, Supervisor, My Phd15 and too many. I simplified it with=PHD. That is PERMANENT HEAD DAMAGE. Old joke, yeah yeah. I know, but now this is my time. MY!!!!!!

4-Will I still 'balik kampung'? Yes. But I still not decided when yet. Maybe Saturday? Hey. It just 1 hour plus only from Batu Pahat to my hometown. No rushing. Talk bout the advantage of studying in your own place eh? Hehe.

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