Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Failed switch

1-Or broken switch? The on and off button of my relic Nokia N70. Just this morning the switch refused to function. Great. Before the phone automatically reset my memory card. There it goes-all my photos, messages etc. Back to zero.

2-Then I Google the repair places in Parit Raja. There is it.-Hour Teleshop, very close to my place in KKTM Sri Gading, the rented room I stay now. There is also one in Taman Kristal, heck I do not know where Taman Kristal is. Off to Hour Teleshop in Taman Universiti. The location is like this, if you from Bandar Penggaram or BP, you will pass Taman Universiti first, then KKTM Sri Gading then UTHM. Be careful since Jalan Kluang-BP is still under construction, already  9 years passed since it got started. Legend. I enrolled in SMTBP in 2002, the road was under construction, I enrolled in USM in 2006, the road was still under construction, now I enrolled in UTHM in 2011, the road is still under construction. Government sure know how to rule the country.

3-Back to the dead switch, the repairer diagnose the problem should be the switch. I let him checked first while I browse the shop. Looking for dual sim phone. Nokia C3 looks attractive. Second hand unit. RM3##. The new one offer by Nokia, not the same model,  with dual sim is RM350 if I am not mistaken. Hmm.

4-After 5 minutes, the repairer handed me the phone. Problem solved. We trade RM25 from hand to hand. RM25 is quite expensive? I am not sure. Value is subjective from people to people. In my case as long as it can be repair, proceed.

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