Monday, December 5, 2011

Walking memory lane


One night, around 12 pm, in Universiti Super Malaysia.

(Via SMS)

'Who is this? Where did you got my number?'
'From a friend. Don't ask who he is.How do you do?'
' I do not have a male friend yet here in USM right now that have my number. Who are you? Fine. Thank you.'
'Lets just say that I wanted to be a friend of you'
'Ok. Who ever you are. But later you must tell me where did you got my number. I wanted to sleep now.Very very tired. Good night'
'Good night. Sweet dream'

 Few days later.

'Hi. It is 'you' right? Now answer my question-who gave you my number?Please answer or I will never ever reply your message again.'
'Not relevant. Is this how you make a friend?'
'No. But this is my first time doing this. And you seems to be the first one to be treated like this.'
'I just wanted to be a friend. Honestly'
'Then answer my question. Honesty is the best policy like they said.'

'No. I rather not revealed from whom I got your number. It's okay if you wanted to act cocky like this'(deleted message)

'Err...I found it myself..'
'There you go. Hi. My name is Zann. And you?(don't do that again!!)'
'Err..I thought we will never talk again'
'Okay, if you insist'
'My name is  MF. Nice to know you.Sorry...'

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