Monday, February 13, 2012

Illuminati Maiden

 A one eyed totem of the infamous Eddie

 An eye watching (for the whole show)

 Illuminati meeting

 A Illuminati priest

 Don't see it? Look closer... there's an eye

A pyramid

''And the other band members are very powerful members too, Nicko is almost as powerful as madonna.''

"I have proof."

"Yes I do."

"Also they got rid of Paul because he didn't want to dominate the world, he just wanted to sing, so they sent him to Brazil where he could sing to metal-head audiences without becoming famous enough so his anti Illuminati rants would be taken as serious."

"Look up every other past member, they have disappeared from the biz, and nobody know a thing about them. Word on the internet is poor Blaze Bayley got sent to Guantanamo or one of those weird US prison boats just because he didn't want to have anything to do with sacramental orgies.''

''And don't forget you read it first from The Absolute Master Of The Ancient Art Of Bullsh*tting.''


p/s-rambles posting menanti waktu Maghrib

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Airilsametok said...

haha...nampak nya confirm diorg ni freemasons


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