Saturday, April 23, 2011

Personal vs public

1-Once I had a chat with a long time friend of mine. We went to same school in SMTBP( currently SMVBP).

2-I asked him when he will going to update his long hibernate mode blog, and he replied it's not his style to post anything that will look like a diary. Hmmm...

3-Now, is my blog look like a diary? A little maybe. Before I made a post that this blog will never got flag as private, but currently I feel it's going to be. I change you change typical.

4-Not because I thought all my posts here was too personal, some maybe, but I feel stupid for a reason that I will not discuss here. Just a hint, if that xx can, then why not me?

5-I only hesitate a bit now due to some people might think that my blog got explicit contents in it, you know that homosexual, hentai, adult things etc caused it to be a private one. No, not me.

6-I just wait and see whether this is a good idea or not.

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