Friday, April 22, 2011


1-Nowadays, I realized its okay to treat people in the baddest way. Don't blame me, politician made it a fact.

2-Umm. Sometimes I keep asking, what did I do to them (not politician, yet)?

3-Right or wrong doesn't matter as far I feel good. As far as I remember, if someone did stupid act first, then I never spare them my respect cos that animal does not worth it. Vice versa.

4-Rough method but usually, I got chewed by that low life. No more after this. So now I make a rule for myself;-

'If I concerned then it's good, if not just back off and fade off'.

5-All right isn't it? Since some people are just not worth it. Pity on them, but it's not my problem.

6-Darn. Selfish is the best policy when meet this kind of brainless wanker.

7-After all, this is the best. Maybe.

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